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Bella Rose
Micro Chip ID# 981-020-177-566-601
Father: BIG Chief Hunter
Field Training Champion Bloodline
Mother: Dakota Moon
Weight: 77lbsHead: Broad
Height: 23" Eye: yellow/gre
Length: 24" Muzzle: Square

                     Bella is a retrieving machine. She is really good at her retrieves and always returns them to your hand. She loves water more than fish do and will do anything to find a swimming hole. Bella is very affectionate and loving. She makes a good hunter and pet for our family. She will steal your heart away.

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Dakota Moon
Micro Chip ID# 985-121-009-138-801
Father: Stroker Comeaux
Mother: Chloe Waddle Bergeron Akin
Weight: 72 LbsHead: Broad
Height: 22 Eye: yellow/gre
Length: 23 Muzzle: Square

Dakota Moon is a Very loveable Labrador. Her AKC championship Pedigree linage goes on forever. Some of the champion Labs in her family tree include:




FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH,


FC AFC Cudas Blue Rider MH,

FC Nan-Elwood Blues,

FC AFC CFC Thriven Thunderhead,

NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star,

1969 NAFC FC CFC Guy's Bitterroot Lucky (1992 HAUL OF FAME)

many, many, many more !!!!

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Zoey Bear
micro chip ID# 981-020-017-769-207
Father: BIG Chief Hunter
Field Training Champion Bloodline
Mother: Dakota Moon
Weight: 71lbsHead: Broad
Height: 23 Eye: yellow/gre
Length: 24 Muzzle: Square

Zoey loves to snuggle and cuddle with her human companions. She also loves swimming in the pool. She has a thick, lush coat of soft chocolate hair, mild energy temperament and gets along with other dogs very well. She is looking foward to solving world peace and hunger. :)


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Princess Pearl
micro chip ID# 982-000-407-819-069
Father: Shaw's MoJo
Mother: Shaw's Daisy
Weight: 82 lbsHead: Broad
Height: 25 Eye: yellow/gre
Length: 26 Muzzle: Square

Princess Pearl has the best temperament ever. She is very eager to please her humans and always looking for love and affection, but never in a pushing way. She is highly attracted to water and swimming. She also enjoys playing dress up now and then. She is always looking forward to a car ride and loves meeting new people, other dogs and going new places. Princess Pearl often wears her reading glasses while reading her favorite novels about the water life.

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