Adopting Your New Furbaby

Adopting Your New Furbaby

How do I purchase a puppy?

  • When you decide that one of our PawsomeLabs pups is the perfect addition to your family, we will collect a $250. deposit for your pupy. Your name will also be added to of the specific litter and sex of your choice. This deposit can be paid by cash, personal check, money order, or paypal. Your deposit is non-refundable but can be transfered to another litter. The remainder of your balance will be paid on the day you bring your puppy home or before your puppy can be shipped to you. contact PawsomeLabs at (504) 272-4526

How do I decide which puppy is best for my family?

  • All of our puppies at PawsomeLabs have a sweet and playful temperament. The Sire and Dam are selectively bred to produce pups that are heealthy in every way; both physically and mentally. you will only need to decide on color choice and sex of your new fur-baby.

Are we allowed to visit our pups?

  • We allow Visitors by appointment only or on the day they pick-up their puppy. We are very careful about preventing the spread of disease to our dogs. We know that our customers are excited about seeing the kennel environment and meeting their puppy's parents prior to the purchase of their new puppy, but our number one priority as breeders is to produce healthy, happy offspring. We take every measure possible to protect them from the spread of disease. We have many pictures and infomation about our Sires and Dams available on our website page. We invite you to join our PawsomeLabs FaceBook page. We also invite you to check out our Testimonials Page.

What can I do in preperation of our new puppy coming home?

  • Our puppies will be released between 6-8 weeks of age. while you are waiting for your puppy you can educate yourself on what your puppy will need once you bring it home and decide on where you will be keeping your puppy.

Puppy shopping list:

  • Victor high quality dog food
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • puppy Shampoo (Baby Shampoo Works Great)
  • Small Treats for Training
  • Toys (Balls, Chew Toys like ropes,etc.)
  • A kennel / Crate that can hold your dog comfortably at Full-Grown age.
  • (2) sets of washable bedding
  • A Collar and Walking Leash (keep in mind your pup will quickly grow out of their collar)

What should I expect when picking up our new puppy?

  • On the day you pick up your puppy, you will recieve a sample of the food your puppy has been eating and a folder of information containing : Microchip number, Vaccination records, Registration Papers, Puppy care package: (toy,collar,leash,etc.) When you recieve your puppy it will already be Micro chipped, up-to-date on it's vaccinations and veterninary health examined.


What are Pawsomelabs puppy Prices?

  • To view our prices, please view our "Available Puppies Now" section of our website. the prices and availability will be located with the photographs.

On the way home from picking up your new puppy:

Do not stop anywhere other dogs frequent. Puppies should not be exposed to any unvaccinated dogs or any other young puppies until they have recieved all of their vaccinations.